High Road School of Massachusetts (East Bridgewater)

High Road School of Massachusetts

MRS of MA school photo450 Pleasant Street
East Bridgewater, MA 02333
Phone: 508-232-3005
Fax: 508-232-3007

Regional Director
James Young

School Director
Patricia Gregory


The High Road School of Massachusetts is a Type 1 educational program serving the instructional and behavioral needs of adolescents with emotional disturbances in a supportive and structured environment. Every day, our school puts more than 25 years of experience to work for our student body, concentrating on implementing our innovative, effective, and time-proven instructional and behavioral model to expertly address our students’ particular challenges and preparing them for reintegration into the least restrictive environment possible, as quickly as possible.

To accomplish our mission, we custom-design individualized special education plans for each student, placing intensive emphasis on scholastics through the use of a tutorial-based rotational system that ensures that each student receives challenging one-on-one instruction in all core academic areas. At the High Road School of Massachusetts, we augment our instructional model with numerous computerized curriculums that further reinforce newly acquired skills; and we make sure each of our students receives any and all supplementary services required to reach identified goals, like individual counseling or occupational therapy. For our older students, we offer a wide array of on-site and community-based transitional “School-to-Work” services, designed to prepare them for postgraduation employment. And throughout it all, our highly advanced rewards-based behavioral management system is fully integrated into all aspects of our special education program, consistently motivating our students to ever-higher levels of self-esteem and success—in the classroom, at home, and in the community.