High Road Academy of Prince George’s County (Lanham, MD)

High Road Academy of Prince George’s County

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Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: 301-429-6191
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The High Road Academy of Prince George’s County is a private alternative education school in Maryland offering an Intensity V program for students (aged 8–21) with a wide range of learning disabilities. Because we specialize in this specific population and have garnered decades of experience in expertly meeting the needs and addressing the challenges of learning‐disabled students, our special education program offers the optimal setting to increase each student’s sense of self‐worth and advance their academic development. Our overriding mission is to make each student feel successful in all areas of their lives—in the classroom, at home, and in the community—through academic achievement, improved self‐esteem, and heightened self‐confidence. We therefore concentrate all our efforts and initiatives on creating a strong and supportive learning environment that builds students’ skills and aptitudes and breaks down identified barriers.

We custom‐design an educational program for each child, and then our talented and dedicated staff implements that program through a combination of one‐on‐one tutorial sessions, individual and small‐group instruction, interactive computerized modules, and a schoolwide behavioral management system that advocates accountability and respect for self and others. Through it all, we highlight students’ strengths, consistently engage their interest, and deliver supplementary services as needed to promote their growth scholastically, socially, and emotionally. In so doing, the High Road Academy steadily serves as a gateway to success for countless students in countless ways.

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The High Road Academy of Prince George’s County
is a proud member of MANSEF