Student and Family Support

Support that Meets the Needs of All Students

CL_AllianceRibbon_Ghost (Student Support)Within the Student & Family Support strand, we focus on the question, “How well does the school use internal and external resources to meet the educational needs of all learners?” Catapult Learning’s products and services—including targeted Seminars & Coaching—provide schools and districts with the strategies to improve outreach and support to students and their families.

The successful outcome of these student and family support efforts—that is, the activities and processes that are well implemented and sustained—include the following  five attributes:

  1. The school provides a structure to build meaningful relationships between students and staff.
  2. A student support team uses assessment and data analysis to identify students in need of special support, and prescribes interventions or other services as needed.
  3. School teams (grade-level teams, PLCs, etc.) meet to discuss the diverse needs of students and share strategies and resources to meet those needs.
  4. Student conferences are guided by a variety of performance data, serve to review student progress and set future goals, and include participation from internal or external specialists as needed.
  5. The school actively encourages families and community members to participate and become full partners in the educational decisions that affect student learning