Pedagogy & Curriculum

Ensure Opportunities for Learning and Developing Learners

CL_AllianceRibbon_Ghost (Pedagogy)Under the Pedagogy and Curriculum strand, our aim is to help teachers answer the question, “How good are opportunities for learning and developing learners?”

Our programs and service—including our Literacy First Framework, Core Instructional Model, Coaching Connections, Common Core Adoption Support, Readup, Reading to Write, and additional Seminars & Coaching—focus on practices that deliver high-quality, rigorous instruction that promotes student engagement, achievement, and success beyond school. The following five attributes represent the outcomes of exemplary school practices in the area of Pedagogy and Curriculum modeled by Catapult Learning’s programs and services:

  1. School leaders and staff have a clear and common understanding of the key competencies that teachers need for effective instruction.
  2. All teachers consistently use a structured planning framework grounded in research-based best practices to deliver explicit, systematic instruction that engages all students
  3. The school ensures that all students receive an engaging and rigorous curriculum that meets their learning needs, ensures the mastery of content standards, and builds essential skills.
  4. Classroom instruction includes opportunities for students to apply literacy and numeracy strategies to critical thinking and problem-solving activities across subject areas.
  5. The school provides ongoing, differentiated professional development and job-embedded coaching to develop teacher skills and content knowledge and improve support of students.