Learning Environment

Create a School Environment that Supports Learning and Motivation

CL_AllianceRibbon_Ghost (Environment)Catapult Learning’s focus within the Learning Environment strand is, “How well does the school promote and foster environments that support learning and motivation?” Our services—including targeted Seminars & Coaching—provide the guidance and training to transform schools into dynamic environments that cultivate and inspire lifelong learning; environments where students, parents and teachers feel safe, supported, and connected to the decision making process.

The following attributes represent the outcomes of exemplary school practices within the Learning Environment strand:

  1. A safe and positive school culture is intentionally implemented and explicitly connects all stakeholders to a set of shared values.
  2. The school environment is conducive to a variety of learning needs and pedagogical approaches and is the responsibility of all stakeholders.
  3. Students take ownership of their learning and act as change agents to extend learning, broaden horizons, and enrich their understanding of themselves.