Professional Development Programs

Professional Development Programs that Increase Teacher Capacity and Raise Student Achievement

PD Programs Intro pageAt Catapult Learning, we focus our professional development on the five interrelated strands that research tells us are the critical ingredients of highly effective schools. These five focus areas—or strands—serve as the foundation for Catapult Learning products and services and are centered on raising and successfully maintaining student achievement. Each of our products and services focus on the essential question that inform each of the areas defined by Catapult Learning’s Five Strand Design of Exemplary Schools, including:

  • Leadership – How well is the school set for leading and managing change?
  • Pedagogy & Curriculum – How good are opportunities for learning and developing learners?
  • Assessment for Learning – How well does the school use assessment, data, and feedback to promote learning?
  • Learning Environment – How well does the school promote and foster environments that support learning and motivation?
  • Student & Family Support – How well does the school use internal and external resources to meet the educational needs of all learners?

At the heart of the Five Strand approach—and the Catapult Learning products and services for which it provides a foundation—is a relentless focus on student achievement and the effective use of data to inform instruction and decision-making.