Collaborative Quality Analysis (CQA)

Your Comprehensive Needs Assessment


Core Instructional Model intro pageCatapult Learning utilizes several tools to help school partners jointly shape a professional development program. The foundation of this joint development effort is a Collaborative Quality Analysis (CQA), which is used to determine a school’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Collaborative Quality Analysis:

  • Needs Assessment that ascertains a school’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Benchmarks the school’s practices with best practices of schools nationwide via the School Development Rubric.
  • Collaborative process undertaken with the district and school leadership that combines observation data, stakeholder perception feedback and documented evidence.
  • Identifies underlying beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations that drive decisions and behaviors.
  • Culminates in a comprehensive report that describes the school’s strengths, areas for growth and recommended next steps.

Ultimately, the CQA process provides a prescriptive lens through which we can effectively recommend and apply professional development solutions.