Driving Achievement Through Partnership

Alliance_logo (Green)Alliance™ is our comprehensive K-12 school turnaround solution that focuses on developing site capacity to effect sustained academic improvement leveraging our Five Strand Design Framework™. The program operates with a whole-school approach, combining leadership development, curriculum improvements and a proven assessment system to target all components of the learning process.

The Alliance program is built on partnership. When you choose Alliance, we work side by side with your schools to develop a specific roadmap to success. Alliance begins with an end in mind. From the outset, key outcomes are defined that represent the goals, qualities, and improvements that a school can achieve by the end of the partnership. Your on-site support team works closely with you to ensure that achievement milestones are met throughout the partnership and that your goals are reached by the end of the program.

Alliance Framework for Success

Over the past 20 years, we have worked to focus improvement efforts on critical areas using a flexible approach that is tailored to your school or district’s needs:

  • Diagnose: A comprehensive, multi-day Collaborative Quality Analysis (CQA), conducted by members of the Catapult team – alongside your school leadership team – to analyze areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Plan: The results of the CQA become the basis of your customized implementation plan, with clearly articulated objectives linked to the Five Strands and aligned with the School Improvement Plan.
  • Do: Agreed-upon activities and programs are implemented, including onsite professional development and job-embedded coaching days delivered by a dedicated onsite advisor team
  • Check: Progress is measured using a variety of data, including our proprietary formative assessment system (eValuate™) designed to help track student progress, inform instruction, and support school and district-wide decision-making
  • Act: Regular reporting of progress to key stakeholders

“Prior to our partnership we just didn’t have the vehicle to make changes. It is our partnership with Alliance and the resources that allow for staff development and common standards that deliver a cohesive plan for moving our school forward.”

Debbie Slauzis, Principal
Ann T. Lynch Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV