Differentiation Based on In-depth Data

 Ask Questions to Get Results

CL_New-Logo_WebisteThe factors behind academic performance, whether your students are struggling or succeeding, are as varied as the students themselves. And, as standards become increasingly rigorous, understanding the trajectory of different students with similar skills becomes that much more important when your staff faces instructional choices. You need to make sense of crucial data.

How can you make improvements if you don’t understand what is happening in the classroom with individual students over time?

Guiding intelligent inquiry with the Sustaining Excellence process

Using growth model analysis, dig deep into your existing assessment results to uncover what is happening in the classroom with individual students over time. Working with our experts, you’ll identify goals that matter to your staff and students and focus on your instructional data landscape, as it is at the start and as it will be when you reach those goals.

With your findings, you will formulate an inquiry into the real reasons behind student performance results—you must ask the right questions in order to get answers that are useful in guiding change and improvement. Crucial inquiries are designed to tell you about performance differences you can see and will guide you in your efforts to support teachers and instructional leaders as you make important decisions about how to engage students and provide education that delivers on its promise.

…You will gain a framework that can help you identify effective school and teaching practices, target instructional intervention efforts, support coaching for teachers and leaders, and promote growth…